clever lyrics, good sound and interesting expression

7. Wschody Festival

The Wschody Festival is an all-Poland music festival, which is about the redefined art song: clever lyrics, good sound and interesting expression. This year you can enjoy a richer programme, an extra festival day and our own music project. You will also have an opportunity to see and admire our former Festival participants and attend a concert for child audience.

April, 19th-22nd


Thursday, April 19th

07.00 pm – Hańba! – 30-50 PLN
09.00 pm – Alegancka Kapela: a knees-up – free admission

Friday, April 20th

12.00 pm – 04.00 pm – Art Song Competition – free admission
07.00 pm – Hartwig: Choosing a Name – 40-50 PLN
Karolina Cicha + Banda Nella Nebbia + Female winners of the Wschody Festival
09.00 pm – Jam from the Wschody Festival or a free flow session with Roger – free admission

Saturday, April 21st

12.00 pm – 04.00 pm – Art Song Competition – free admission
06.00 pm – Jędrys in Le’Żak – free admission
07.00 pm – Dorota Sowa Kuziela and T/Aboret – 15 PLN

Sunday, April 22nd

03.00 pm – The Petite Finale: Julek Tuwim’s Blancmange as served by Budyń – free admission
06.00 pm – The Grand Finale: Winners, Good L.U.C.K. + guests – 40-70 PLN


The ensemble from Kraków with its fictional musical tale in which punk rock was not born in the 1970s but in the turbulent times of the Second Polish Republic. With the helping hand of the interwar Polish poets and street music instruments they creatively refresh the folk and punk formula.

HARTWIG: Choosing a Name

Karolina Cicha and Banda Nella Nebia in a special project of Wschody: a concert based on the poetry of Julia Hartwig to commemorate a poet from Lublin. And, to mark the 100th anniversary of Polish independence and women’s suffrage, it will be the women who will sing the female poet’s words.


Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski – a winner of Polityka’s Passport award, “Yach” and Polish
Radio 3 “Mateusz” returns with his new album “Good L.U.C.K”. Positive jazz and chillout bits
plus some samples from the 1970s performed live by the artist and his guests.


Justyna Jary and Alegancka Kapela

Evergreen songs about love, betrayal, Les Apaches subculture and higher and lower classes – all to the rhythm of waltz, tango or foxtrot. It’s a knees-up where words do matter: an event that the Wschody Festival will see for the first time ever.

Art Song Competition

Vocalists and musicians from all over Poland performing art songs
from the “New Classics” list and own pieces before the jury: Karolina Cicha, Konrad Dworakowski and… the third member, whose name will be revealed to the participants during the Festival.

Budyń Julka Tuwima

(Julek Tuwim’s Blancmange as served by Budyń) – a concert without age restrictions. An unusual meeting with poetry and a chance to travel in time. Get ready for the compositions of Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz with the lyrics paraphrasing Julian Tuwim’s poems.


Dorota "Sowa" Kuziela | T/Aboret

Dorota Sowa Kuziela – one of a few who are able to accompany themselves on the violin.
Unanimously hailed as the best participant of the 6th edition of Wschody. This time in a long
recital, combining folk, sung poetry and classical music.

T/Aboret – Four people, thirteen instruments, one story. Ethno jazz compositions,
improvisations and rhythmic variations. “It’s music that smells of wood”.



Jędrys – originally a street musician who took part in various music projects but always
returns to interpretive singing. This year, he is going to present the songs from his EP